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Allow order confirmation emails in Outlook

If you bought something on AOL Premium Subscription Products with Outlook and didn't get the Order Confirmation, check Spam and add or to your Contacts list. Confirmation emails are sent only to the username that initiated the purchase.

Check your Spam folder

1. Sign into
2. Go to your Outlook inbox.
3. On the last panel, click Junk.

Add AOL to your contacts list

1. Go to your Outlook account.
2. Follow the instructions to add a new contact.
3. In the Contact Info window, enter or in the email field.

If you can't locate your Order Confirmation email you can activate or download an AOL Premium Subscription product or service from My Account. For more information, visit How do I activate or download an AOL Premium Subscription?

If you continue to experience problems, call 1-866-485-9217 for additional support.