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Find missing emails in AOL Mail

Missing one of your emails is annoying, especially the ones important for you and it could lead to a lot of frustration. Learn what are the primary reasons why your email might be hard to find and suggestions on how to handle each situation.

Emails are in an unexpected folder

Email filters and our spam filter can send incoming email to folders other than your Inbox.

Emails deleted or moved by an email app

If you access AOL Mail from an app on your mobile device or your computer, your settings or actions could have caused emails to be deleted from your account or moved out of the Inbox. Check their settings or contact the app manufacturer.

Apps that use IMAP and the AOL Mail apps

Some desktop email apps and most mobile email apps, like on iPhone and Android, use IMAP.

  • Actions taken in these apps are mirrored in your AOL Mail account everywhere.
  • Emails deleted from the apps will be placed in your Trash folder.
  • Deleting email from the Trash removes it from your account.

Apps that use POP

Desktop apps, like Outlook, Thunderbird, and Mac Mail, can access AOL Mail using POP.

  • Copies of your email download to the app, so actions in the app won't affect your account.
  • One POP setting, however, will delete email from your account when it's downloaded.
  • To disable the "delete emails from server" option, contact your app manufacturer.

Make sure someone else doesn't delete your emails

If you believe someone has accessed your account, change your password immediately.