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Clear an outstanding balance on an inactive account

You can take care of any unpaid balances for cancelled or inactive AOL accounts by sending it in the mail.

Tip icon.This process only applies to inactive accounts - For outstanding balances on active accounts, update your payment method online.

Send us your information

We'll need you to send us the information necessary:

• Your name
• Your AOL username
• A check or money order to cover the balance

If you don't remember your username, include as much as you can such as:

• Your account number
• Your cancellation or confirmation number
• The daytime phone number you provided when you registered with us

Please send the requested information to:

AOL Inc. Billing Operations & Services
11955 Democracy Dr
Dept. # 5627
Reston VA 20190-5662

Contact customer service

Once you've sent us this information, contact AOL customer service within 5-7 business days to confirm we've received your payment.