Take control of your online reputation with MyReputation Discovery, and start monitoring and tracking your personal search results today.

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What is MyReputationDiscovery?

MyReputationDiscovery helps you control your online identity, providing a solution to harmful information published about you on the web. You can't manage your online identity unless you know what others can see about you. Quickly and effortlessly monitor personal online content, and take control of your personal search results! Find any photos, videos, media mentions, blogs and directory listings and receive real-time alerts. It's your "credit report for the online world".

Am I eligible for MyReputationDiscovery?

Certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for MyReputationDiscovery. To view what your AOL Advantage Plan has to offer, check out your AOL MyBenefits page at mybenefits.aol.com.

How much does MyReputationDiscovery cost?

MyReputationDiscovery is provided at no additional cost as part of certain AOL Advantage Plans.

How do I get MyReputationDiscovery?

To get MyReputationDiscovery visit mybenefits.aol.com and sign in with your Username or Email and Password and click Sign In. Locate MyReputationDiscovery, click ACTIVATE and complete the online MyReputationDiscovery online registration form.

How does MyReputationDiscovery work?

MyReputationDiscovery conducts a customized monthly search for every reference of you on the web, including over 40 social networking sites that you may not even belong to. Every month MyReputationDiscovery delivers to you an interactive report of each place your online identity is located on the web.

How do I get customer support for MyReputationDiscovery?

To contact customer support, you can visit the Reputation.com website or call at 1-877-258-6338 weekdays 24 hour support, weekends 7AM to 5PM PST.

Will MyReputationDiscovery work on my computer?

Reputation.com products are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Reputation.com products can be accessed through Internet Explorer 7 and up, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. There is no download required.

What happens to my MyReputationDiscovery benefit if I change my AOL Advantage Plan or cancel my AOL account?

MyReputationDiscovery is available at no additional cost with certain AOL Advantage Plans. If you decide to change your AOL Advantage Plan to one that does not offer MyReputationDiscovery but would like to continue to use MyReputationDiscovery, you can purchase a monthly subscription of MyReputationDiscovery from AOL’s Lifestore.

Likewise, if you choose to cancel your AOL membership or convert to a Free AOL account, this will also cancel MyReputationDiscovery. If the cancellation is pending your next billing date, MyReputationDiscovery will remain active until the cancellation of your AOL account is complete.

How do I cancel MyReputationDiscovery?

To cancel your MyReputationDiscovery membership, login to myaccount.aol.com. Click on the Manage My Subscriptions link. Locate the MyReputationDiscovery product and click Cancel then follow the instructions provided. For step-by-step instructions to cancel MyPrivacy, please visit Cancel AOL MyBenefits MyPrivacy and/or MyReputationDiscovery subscription. If you change your mind, you can always renew your registration at mybenefits.aol.com.

Who is Reputation.com?

MyReputationDiscovery is a Reputation.com product. Reputation.com is a comprehensive online reputation and privacy management company. Its search-and-destroy dashboard can help you manage the dramatic increase in availability of your personal information on the internet, Reputation.com searches for all of your personal information online, destroying what you don’t want the world to see and controlling the visibility of your identity.