Overview of Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold

Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold is a member benefit that, when activated, removes paid ads from your mail experience in Desktop Gold. Paid ads promote products and services that aren't related to AOL.

When activated, you'll no longer see paid ads in your mailbox, address book, open email messages you're reading, sent email confirmations, Download Manager, or download confirmations. You'll continue to see promotions for AOL products and brands, which aren't paid advertisements. These keep you up to date on our latest product news.

This benefit is available for certain AOL Advantage plans, and can be activated for one username per eligible account. Visit our Ad-Free Mail for AOL Desktop Gold activation page to find out if you're eligible.

After you activate, sign out of Desktop Gold and sign back in to see the ad-free mail experience. Get help with activating and using this benefit.

The ad-free mail benefit is exclusive to AOL Desktop Gold software for Windows 7 and above. Older versions of AOL Desktop aren't supported. If you access AOL Mail from a desktop or mobile web browser, or using the AOL app, you'll still see paid ads.