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Fix problems with third-party mail applications

If you're having problems accessing AOL Mail through third-party applications, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, try troubleshooting with these suggestions to make sure your email works where and when you need it.

Update your password

If you recently changed your AOL password, you'll need to update it in the email client you use. Find your application's "Email Accounts" or "Account Settings" section, select your AOL Mail account, then update to your new password.

If you've activated 2-step verification for your AOL account, you'll need to generate and use an "app password" to access AOL Mail from these apps.

Check your IMAP settings

If your AOL Mail isn't sending or receiving mail properly, you'll need to make sure your IMAP or POP settings are correct. Though you may be prompted to select either IMAP or POP, we recommend using IMAP as it works best with AOL Mail.

Update your email client application

If you're using an older version of your email client, it could be outdated and no longer compatible with the latest security settings.

We recommend updating to the latest version of your email client, then removing and re-adding your AOL Mail account.