Locate and manage Netscape.com emails, contacts, and folders in AOL Mail

Missing some emails

If you use another device or application to check your email, sometimes the messages are deleted from the server and are only available on the 1 device. Old emails would still appear on the old device, but they may not show up in your new Netscape inbox. If you're missing emails after switching to AOL Mail, make sure you update account your info in the email applications you use.

Missing some contacts

During the upgrade to AOL mail, as many of your contacts were moved over as possible. If you notice the number of contacts you have has changed, it’s possible that there was an issue that occurred and some contacts could not be moved over. If you created, added, or edited contacts in a 3rd party application like Outlook or Apple Mail, these contacts wouldn't have been part of the Netscape items that were migrated to AOL Mail. As these contacts were stored on the other application or device, you'll need to export and save the contact list, then import the contacts to AOL Mail If you need additional instructions on how to export the contacts from the application or device you use, please check out the manufacturer's website.

Missing some folders

After the upgrade to AOL mail, you might notice the organization of your folders has changed. Any subfolders will now be listed along with your other folders. All of your folders and subfolders will now be listed in alphabetical order. Continue to create and manage folders in AOL Mail to keep your inbox organized.