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AOL Address Book helps you keep track of email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, birthdays, and anniversaries of your contacts. It has all the features you'd expect in an address book and much more. Here are some of the benefits of your AOL Address Book:

  • AOL applications share your Address Book, so your contacts can be accessed across the AOL service.
  • Address Book is stored on the AOL server; that is, you can also access your Address Book from a different computer.
  • You can sort your Address Book by last name, first name, email address, screen name, telephone number, or category.
  • Auto-Add: Automatically add email addresses when you reply to, send, or forward an email.
  • Maps: Get a map or driving directions to any of your contacts from the Address Book.

Note: To access your AOL Address Book on the AOL software, click the Mail menu, and then click Address Book.


Contact Name tab

The Address Book is usually listed in the alphabetical order by contact name. Just click the Contact Name tab to sort your list in alphabetical order, ascending or descending.

Screen Name tab

You can sort your Address Book by screen name by clicking the Screen Name tab.

Phone Number tab

If you know the phone number but can't remember the screen name or email address of a contact listed on your Address Book, you can use the Phone Number tab to sort your Address Book by Phone Number and find the contact you are looking for. However, this will only work if you have entered the person's telephone number in the Address Card contact information for that person.

Quick Find

You can use the Quick Find box to search through your contacts. This feature provides a dynamic result, giving you quick and easy access to search results. For more information, please see Find a specific person in your Address Book.

Groups section

You can create different groups for everyone that you send email to, such as family, business contacts, and friends. This makes it easy and quick to send email to multiple contacts within a certain group.

Send Mail button

This button opens up an email window for you to write a new email message. You can highlight just one contact in your Address Book, or you can highlight multiple contacts by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking several names at once. You can then click Send Mail to send the same email message to all the selected contacts. You can also send emails directly from your Address Book. To learn more, read our online help article Send emails using my Address Book.

CC button

If you want to send an email to one person and copy it to other people, you can highlight the contact names of the secondary recipients, and then click Cc to place their email addresses in the Send To box. This feature allows everyone receiving the email to see who else has received it.

BCC button

There are times when you may want to send an email to a group of people, but you don't want the recipients to know who all are receiving the email. To do this, you can use a blind copy. To blind copy someone on an email, click the contact in your Address Book to highlight it, and then click Bcc. However, you still have to list at least one contact in the Send To box.

Note: As the sender of the email, you will always see the addresses of each recipient (even those who have received blind copies). The addresses will be displayed when you look in your AOL mailbox or in the folders saved on your computer. The addresses will also be displayed if one of the recipients sends a copy of the email back to you. So, if you Bcc the email to yourself, the Bcc addresses will NOT be hidden to you when you read the message. All other recipients will get the email with the Bcc addresses hidden.

Edit button

You can edit existing contact information by using Edit to open your Address Card.

Note: In the Address Card, the Screen Name box is supposed to contain only the AOL screen name. For all other email addresses, you can use the Other email boxes.

Delete button

You can delete a group or a single contact from your Address Book by using Delete. Please be careful when deleting groups since you will lose all contact information for contacts belonging to that group.

Note: Deleting an email address from your Contacts list will permanently remove the email address.

Add button

You can use Add to add a new contact to your Address Book. This opens up a New Contact window where you can enter all information about the new contact. To learn more about adding a new contact to your Address Book, read our online help article Add an address to my Address Book.

Full View button

When you have a contact highlighted in your Address Book, clicking Full View allows you to see all the information present in his/her Address Card. This information may not be displayed in the Address Card section of the window.

Print button

You can print information for one contact or multiple contacts. When you click Print, you will get options for printing single contacts or multiple contacts, and for printing all or just a portion of their Address Card information. To learn more about printing information from your Address Book, read our online help article Print information from my Address Book.

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