Troubleshoot a broadband internet connection

Tip icon.These suggestions are designed to help with broadband connections only. If you don't have broadband, you'll need to try other steps to fix problems with a dial-up internet connection.

An active internet connection is required to be able to access all the best that AOL offers. If you're using broadband (cable) internet and you can't connect, try the following troubleshooting steps in the order listed until you get up and running again.

1. Check if you can visit other sites with a different browser - If you can go to another site, the problem may be associated the browser you're using. If you don't have another browser, download a supported one for free.
2. Check the physical connection - A loose cable or cord can often be the cause of a connection problem. Make sure everything is securely connected to the wall and device. 
3. Reboot your modem/router - Sometimes the old "turn it off and on again" approach actually does work! Just wait about five minutes before turning it back on to make sure everything was reset.
4. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) - If you're still not able to get online, reach out to your ISP for additional help. For AOL customers, visit our support page to learn about what help options are available for you.