Secure your AOL account

Keep your information private and prevent unauthorized access to your account. Safe sign-in methods, up-to-date contact info, and good online habits help keep you secure and safe from scammers.

Tip icon.Important: AOL never asks for your password in emails or phone calls.

Keep your account safe

Use a strong password and change it regularly - Create a strong password to minimize the risk of unauthorized account access.
Add another level of security - Turn on two-step verification and get sent a security code when someone logs in from an unfamiliar device or location.
Update your recovery information - Keep a current email address and mobile number on your account.

Always practice safe online habits

In addition to using our tools to protect your account, you play a critical role in keeping it secure.

Protect yourself outside of AOL - Avoid installing malicious software.
Sign out of public computers - Always sign out of your accounts when you're done.
Don't fall for phishing scams - Don't click links you're unsure about, even from friends.
Check your login activity - Check the recent activity on your account for unusual logins.
Delete security questions - It's more secure to add an email address or phone number to secure your account; remove your questions if you haven't already.