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What is My Account?

You might think My Account is simply for checking your billing information, but it’s so much more! My Account is where you can view your account and billing history, change your password, update your contact information and manage your Usernames. It’s a one-stop shop for managing your AOL account!

To access all these options, you’ll have to sign on with a master Username and answer your Account Security Question (ASQ).

Note: Non-master Usernames will have access only to the password and ASQ areas.

Areas on My Account

Service Options

Account Options

Username Options


An alert displays when your information (such as a credit card or address) is out of date or if your account is eligible for one of our free services. It also provides you with a link to the page where you can update your information or download available software.

Service Options

Manage My Subscriptions

If you subscribe to a service or product from AOL, including the AOL Desktop Software, this is where you can manage it all. Here is where you view each service’s cost per month, billing contacts, registration dates, next billing dates and the selected payment method. Links allow you to change your payment method, find out more information about the product and chat with one of our online customer service representatives, as well as change your AOL Advantage Plan and cancel your billing. You can also get to this page by clicking Manage my Services & Subscriptions.

Manage My Benefits

The AOL MyBenefits page is a personalized, easy-to-use and one-stop-destination for valued AOL members like you to view, activate and manage all the great benefits that are available to you as part of your AOL membership plan. View a live status of all the valuable features you’ve activated— and all those you have yet to activate. Plus, be one of the first to take advantage of new benefits immediately once they become available.

Change My AOL Plan

This option begins by asking you if you need a dial-up connection or if you already have high-speed internet access. Once you select the option that best describes your situation, you can click View Plans and browse the available AOL Advantage Plans that suit your needs.

Add Services

When you click Add Services, it takes you directly to Lifestore, a hub of software and services we offer for monthly or yearly fees. Most products offer a free trial, so you can sample the service before committing to a subscription.

Account Options

Update My Contact Information

If you move to a new address, get a new phone number or even change your name, this is where you let us know. This is also where you can designate a secondary billing contact. Another way to access this page is by clicking Update My Contact Information. To see exactly how to keep us in the loop, check out the help article Update contact information. You can also read about adding a secondary billing contact.

Manage My Wallet and Billing Info

The table on this page breaks down each individual payment method associated with your account and the services they pay for. Click the icon in the Edit column to update your payment method information. Click the link under a product listed in the Linked Services column to change how you pay for your monthly subscription. The trash icon in the Delete column removes a payment method quickly and easily from your account. Use the Add Payment Type link below the table to add as many payment methods as you want.

View My Statements

We’ve compiled all of your account statements into one convenient location. Click a tab to view your Current Usage, Billing Statement by billing period, Credit Summary or All Usage Activity. For further explanation on how to interpret your billing statement, see How do I view my billing statement online?

Manage My Preferences

If you’d like to receive the latest special offers from AOL and specially selected merchants, you can do so via mail, phone, email or pop-up ad by checking the box next to each option and clicking Save.

Manage My Site Permissions

If you’ve ever visited a website that allowed you to sign in using your AOL Username and password, you permitted that site to verify your information with the AOL system. Manage My Site Permissions lists all external sites that have this access to your account and lets you remove them by selecting the check box next to the website name and then clicking Remove Permissions.

View My Account Activity

Any and every action you’ve made with your account, no matter which Username, is listed here. See which Usernames have a new password, which names were recently created, or when you last edited your contact information. Follow the link to learn more about how to view your account activity.


Username Options

Change Password

Want to change your password? This is where you go to change that all-important means of account security. If you’re not sure how, check out How do I change my password? We also have tips on how to create a secure password.

Change Account Security Question

As with your password, you can change your Account Security Question at any time. For more information, see the help article Change or reset my Account Security Question.

Update Greeting Name

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name – even a website! Your greeting or display name appears at the top of the AOL home page, and the home pages of most sites within the AOL family of brands. Use this link to change the greeting or display name for each AOL Username.

Manage My Usernames

Clicking Manage My Usernames shows you every Username associated with your AOL account, including your primary master Username and any additional Usernames. This page is a one-stop Username shop, where you can change the display name, password and Account Security Question for each name in your account. You also can delete a Username, create a new one or restore a name you once deleted. Some articles that might help you with these processes are Add or create an additional Username, Remove or delete AOL Usernames and Restore or recover a deleted Username.

Create Username

Did you know you can have as many as seven Usernames under one AOL account? Click Create Username to create another Username or to restore one you previously deleted. You can also reach this page by clicking Manage Username.

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