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Help downloading AOL Premium Subscription Products

Computer not cooperating? We've all been there. If you're having issues with downloading any of the products or services from AOL Premium Subscription Products, here is a list a list of websites and phone numbers for each of the products’ tech support teams.

Note: If you're having trouble downloading any AOL program not on this list, please Contact AOL.

Norton 360
LifeLock, 1-877-LIFELOCK
System Mechanic customer care
SafeCentral support, 1-866-545-1959
McAfee Internet Security tech support
• AOL Computer Checkup, 1-888-847-3541
DataMask by AOL,
Search and Recover tech support and FAQs
• PerfectSpeed, see AOL Help article, 1-800-203-5110
ReputationDefender® FAQs (MyPrivacy, MyReputationDiscovery)