Tips for creating secure passwords and ASQs

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Tips for creating secure passwords and ASQs

Creating a Secure Password

Make a password that’s easy for you to remember but tough for others to guess. Here are the requirements, along with some tips.

AOL Password Minimum Requirements

  • Your password must include 6-16 characters.
  • Your password must include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters (!, @, #).

Note: You cannot use the forward slash "/".

AOL Password Strengthening Tips

  • Substitute numbers for letters and vice versa (o instead of 0, 1 instead of L, E instead of 3).
  • Substitute words for numbers (five, nine).
  • Combine both of the above (fiv3, n1ne).
  • Use capitalization in random places (bLues, cluEs).
  • Deliberately misspell words (Humptie Dumptie).

Examples of Memorable/Complex Passwords

  • Harry Potter becomes HaRrieP0tt3r!
  • 4 Privet Drive becomes: @FourPr1v3tDr!ve

Creating an Account Security Question (ASQ)

The Account Security Question (ASQ) is a simple security question-and-answer combination created by you that AOL uses to verify and protect your identity.

Tips for creating your Account Security Question:

  • Create an ASQ that can be answered only by you. Anyone who can guess the answer to your ASQ may be able to access and make changes to your account.
  • Carefully note the exact spelling and capitalization of your answer.

AOL requires a correct answer to your ASQ before offering online and phone support for your account. You’ll need the answer to your ASQ to access the following:

  • AOL Keyword: My Account: This keyword allows you to manage your AOL account online.
  • Forgotten Password: This link allows you to reset your password and get back online.
  • Phone or Online Customer Service: This service involves private account information or changes.

Open Authentication Service - Security Tip:

When you're finished with your session, always remember to end your session by exiting your browser.

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